You were told that drinking lukewarm water with lemon was good for you but we did not tell you why


Lemon has always been widely used in slimming diets for its detoxifying and antioxidant properties. It has always been recommended to lose weight but also because it strengthens the immune system and ensures the proper functioning of the body in general. This fruit contains an abundance of citric acid which has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties which prevent all kinds of diseases. Our grandmothers have always advised us to drink it diluted in a little lukewarm water, but they have never told us all the benefits this drink gives to the body.

There is nothing simpler in the world than preparing this drink: just squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water, add honey or other spices according to your taste for reduce acidity. This drink offers a lot of benefits to your body.

It strengthens the immune system
Lemon is a fruit known for its high vitamin C content. Drinking a glass of warm lemon water every morning makes it easier to absorb iron into the body. There is no better fruit to fight colds, flu, winter viruses and strengthen your immune system.

It cleans the urinary tract
Lemon water cleans the entire urinary tract including kidneys and bladder. It promotes urine production because of its powerful diuretic properties. Why is it advantageous? Because urine just like sweat is a way to eliminate toxins, body waste, bacteria and microbes. So the more we urinate, the more our body cleans itself. And with all that, it regulates the pH level of our body.

It is an excellent digestive!
Lemon water helps to produce more bile. Bile is this fluid secreted by our liver at the rate of 500 to 1000 ml per day. And it’s this body fluid that promotes good digestion and acts as a body wash, it gets rid of bad cholesterol and cleanses the colon from the residue of our diet.

She is energizing!
Empty your fridges sodas and energy drinks, we have better for you: lemon water. In addition to containing vitamin C, lemon also contains vitamin B and phosphorus which have the role of energizing your body. Drinking each morning will regulate the pH of your body.

Lemon, nothing better to lose weight!
We can not imagine doing a slimming diet without adding lemon to our menus. Lemon is a fruit containing pectin. It has appetite suppressant effects because it swells once in the stomach to reduce hunger and snacking. Lemon is also a powerful antioxidant, it eliminates fat from your body, especially if it is taken with warm water, because the warm water promotes the melting of fat.

Very powerful disinfectant!
Lemon water has excellent antibacterial properties. Ideal for treating viruses, diseases, microbes and other kinds of infections. It is more popular in winter because it works more effectively than any cold or flu medicine. Lemon water is effective against tonsillitis, tonsillitis and other throat infections.

Treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure)
Lemon, like all citrus fruits, hydrates the body because of its high water and potassium content. It contains about 95% water. This water helps to cleanse the lymphatic system, potassium promotes your sleep, reduces stress, improves your mental health and regulates your blood pressure if it is too high.

Lemon water makes you beautiful!
Lemon has whitening active ingredients on the skin. Indeed, diluting it in water and applying it on your skin gives you a good look, but drinking it is even better for your skin. Lemon water rehydrates the skin, purifies waste, eliminates blackheads and other microbes that promote the appearance of pimples. The lemon makes you radiant with beauty because it helps to purify your blood. So goodbye brushes and makeup products, lemon is here to beautify you! However, because it is photosensitizing, it is advisable to use it in the evening and not to expose yourself to the sun if you have applied it on your skin.

It removes bad breath
The powerful lemon in acidic agents, has no mercy for bacteria that reside in your mouth. Using it as a mouthwash or simply drinking it regularly helps eliminate bad breath and stimulates the production of saliva that cleans your mouth. However, do not overdo it because it has an abrasive power that may damage the enamel of your teeth.

So take out your lemon squeezer, and make a lemon water cure 2

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