What’s inside a Tesla Battery?

Above: Tesla uses over 7,000 of Panasonic’s cylindrical 18650 battery cells inside the floorpan of the Tesla Model S (Instagram: @yancki87)

In the first video, the gentleman cracks open an 18650 battery cell, of the type that Tesla and Panasonic jointly developed for Models S and X. As several commenters indignantly noted, this is not a scientific analysis (our host displays little understanding of chemistry, electricity, or the metric system); it’s just a rough-and-ready teardown, for fun.

The inside of a cylindrical battery cell consists of three thin sheets of material rolled up in what’s technically known as a “jelly roll.” The anode and the cathode are the two electrodes between which electrons flow. A separator between the anode and cathode prevents them from touching, while allowing ions to pass through.

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