What is the real role of capacitors in improving the power factor?


First, to understand exactly what is happening, it is necessary to represent the actual equivalent circuit of the generator. In the ideal state of the generator, it produces a constant effort and the current in it depends on the load.

Secondly, the birth does not produce an apparent and effective ability, but what is imposed on the generator is the nature of the pregnancy. What affects the generator is the product of the voltage in the current passing through it, which determines its ability.

Thirdly: to increase the power factor, what imposes additives is the same pregnancy .. If the pregnancy is urgent (files) it requires capacitors, although the load is dominated by capacitors, the additive must be urged (files).

Fourthly, the nature of loads is the inductive loads, so the additive is the capacitor to reduce the power factor.

Fifthly, the addition is intended to make the load closer to the actual resistive load, which is very similar to the work of a ring.

Sixth: The computation of the capacitor shall be negative, and the inhibitor must be positive. When the calculations are performed, the capacitors are added to cancel the effect of the files so that the impedance equivalent to the load appears to be purely resistive.

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