US drone shot down by Iran “violated space” Iran, says



According to the New York Times , quoting US administration officials, Donald Trump approved a military operation to target Iranian facilities this Friday before changing their minds and canceling strikes at the last moment. The newspaper claims that the US president has validated an offensive against a range of Iranian targets, including radar and missile batteries, and then changed its mind as fighter planes took off and warships set off. position. A member of the administration said that no missile was fired.


Iran says it has “irrefutable” evidence that the US drone it shot down Thursday entered its airspace, contrary to what Washington claims, said Friday a foreign statement in Tehran.

On the night of Thursday to Friday, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi “protested energetically” by telephone to the Swiss ambassador to Tehran (representing US interests) after the incident and told him that ” there was ‘irrefutable’ evidence that the drone had violated Iran’s airspace, “the statement said.


Washington on Thursday banned US airlines from flying over Tehran-controlled airspace over the Gulf and Gulf of Oman “until further notice”.

The Federal Aviation Administration justifies this decision by mentioning a risk to US civil aviation operations “accompanied by a risk of” misidentification “.


The US drone shot down by Iran “has violated Iran’s airspace,” the Iranian Foreign Minister said on Twitter by publishing the coordinates of where the plane was lowered, according to Tehran.

The drone “was hit at 4:05 [23:35 GMT Wednesday by 25 ° 59’43” [north latitude] and 57 ° 02’25 “[east longitude],” writes Mohammad Javad Zarif.

“New grandparents retrouvé des morceaux du drone militaire américain dans NOS territorial waters to the place where it was abattu”, adds M. Zarif.

The Iranian foreign minister announced earlier that Iran plans to take the case “in front of the UN” to show that “the United States lie” by saying that the device was shot down while he was in international airspace.

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