Tips: Here’s what happens when you blow on your thumb


To divert your body’s attention from a sore area and have less pain, you can use several tips involving parts of your body. The thumb, for example, is connected to the lungs and the heart. If you have trouble breathing when you’re anxious or under pressure, blow on that little finger and your body will calm down with this trick. Ben Abo, a doctor at the University of Pittsburgh argues that blowing on his thumb helps to keep a steady heartbeat and reduce palpitations.

Here are different ways to calm pains simply by using your thumb or other parts of your body:

Calm your nerves
To de-stress or calm your nervousness, just blow on your thumb as it acts on the vagus nerve. This regulates the heart rate, and can be controlled by breathing.

The vagus nerve has a major role in the regulation of most internal organs. It innervates the lungs, the stomach, the larynx, the heart, the pharynx, the upper part of the esophagus, the intestine and part of the external auditory canal. So blowing on your thumb has a direct impact on this nerve.

Prevent burn scars
Generally, when you burn yourself, you use techniques such as ice cube or toothpaste. Next time, just gently press the pulp of your thumb against the affected area. In this way, your skin will return to your body temperature more slowly, reducing the risk of blisters or scars. Your skin will naturally heal and quickly return to its original state.

Arm yourself with courage for a blood test
Many people have the phobia of the needle and are terrified by the idea of ​​seeing one go through their skin. If you are part of it, next time, cough a little when introducing the torture instrument into your arm. According to a study in Germany, this trick would reduce the pain because you divert your attention from the syringe and you think less about the pain that will result. Taras Usichenko, author of this research, says that by coughing you will cause a temporary increase in pressure in the spinal canal and chest, which will lead to an inhibition of the structures of the pain driver in the spinal cord.

Relieve pain and discomfort caused by hoarseness
Hot soup or honey tea is probably very useful in such situations, but there is a much simpler and less well-known way of getting rid of that tickling sensation in the throat. Dr. Scott Schaffer, president of a specialized ENT center, explained that the secret to lasting relief of your throat is to scratch your ear!

Indeed, when you stimulate the nerves of your ears, it creates a reflex in the throat that can cause muscle spasms. These effectively relieve tickling.

To soothe the pain caused by toothache

If you suffer from a toothache, prefer a simple and natural solution instead of running to your pharmacy for a pain killer. Here is a simple and effective technique to relieve your pain: place an ice cube in the palm of your hand and tighten it with your thumb and forefinger. This area is filled with nerve connections between the arm and face, it will send signals to warn the brain that the pain is soothed.

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