To have a beautiful and smooth skin, you have tried everything or almost? Here is a natural recipe with baking soda that will brighten your complexion. Here’s how to prepare this very simple trick.

A skin zero defect: the dream of all women!

Every woman dreams of having a smooth and perfect skin, with zero imperfections! Unfortunately, many factors can deteriorate the appearance of the epidermis: pollution, poor diet, age … All these conditions have an impact on the skin, which loses its elasticity gradually due to the collagen production decline: the pores are dilate and pigmented spots appear.

However, there are tips to revive the radiance of your skin. Here is a simple natural recipe made from baking soda.

How to prepare this natural recipe?
• ½ teaspoon of baking soda
½ teaspoon of distilled water
• A lemon

How to proceed ?
Mix the baking soda and the distilled water, so as to obtain a homogeneous paste. Soak a cotton disc with this mixture and apply it directly to your skin. Leave for 5 minutes then wash thoroughly.

Then soak a cotton disc in a little fresh lemon juice (lemon is a natural lightener) and apply on your perfectly cleansed face. This action will protect your skin from pigmentation. Let stand for 30 minutes (do not expose to the sun then because the lemon is a photosensitizer).

Lemon can be an excellent substitute for some dermatological lotions used to treat acne and problem skin because it helps to fight against pimples.

This trick may seem strange to you, and yet it works! Your complexion will be brighter and radiant. Practice this beauty gesture once or twice a week (no more lemon and baking soda are abrasive) and you will see a clear improvement in the quality of your skin. This tip only takes 5 minutes!

Baking soda: a versatile product that works wonders!

Multipurpose product, baking soda has many uses: from the kitchen to the bathroom, through the maintenance of the garden … But it is also an ally of your beauty, both for the skin and for the skin. hair. It serves as a base for many natural recipes to prevent and treat acne through its antibacterial properties (reduces sebum production). Baking soda also prevents the appearance of brown spots (pigmentation).

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