This natural antibiotic helps treat urinary tract infections


To naturally treat urinary infections, there is a natural antibiotic that can overcome these small inconveniences, from the first use.

Only people who have already had a urinary tract infection know how painful and long lasting this disease is, requiring an antibiotic. Every year, one in five women is affected by a urinary tract infection, with inflammation of the bladder, caused by a bacterium called Escherichia coli. In general, this infection heals itself. It manifests itself with the following symptoms: constant need to urinate, pain during urination, difficulty in urinating … If the infection persists, there are natural antibiotics to effectively treat urinary tract infection and inflammation. bladder.

Cystitis: a urinary infection that can be dangerous

On the other hand, if you have symptoms of cystitis, you should immediately consult a doctor to treat the urinary tract infection because if it gets worse, the risks of sepsis are amplified. The symptoms of cystitis are: urge to urinate every 10 minutes, blood in the urine, burning sensation at the time of urination, backache, fever and chills.

Recipe for the natural antibiotic


  1. – 250 grams of parsley root
  2. – 250 grams of lemon zest
  3. – 250 grams of honey
  4. – 2 dl of olive oil


Chop the parsley root very finely and place it in a blender with the zest of lemon, honey and olive oil. Mix the ingredients until smooth. Place the preparation in the refrigerator.


Eat one tablespoon of this natural antibiotic each morning. It has the same virtues as a drug and will help to quickly overcome this urinary infection that spoils the daily.


For this drink to be effective, honey and lemon must be guaranteed organic, respectively from a reliable beekeeper and without pesticides. If you buy your lemons at the supermarket, let them soak in a basin with water and baking soda to remove pesticides and toxic substances. Also, be sure to thoroughly wash the parsley roots before use.

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