This air conditioning system does not use electricity and can be done at no cost


Summer is the season when torrential heat causes great inconvenience due to extremely high temperatures.

We Often feel the need for an air conditioner that gives us that good cooler. But as we know, such equipment is high-powered, and for some residents this would be costly.

An entirely new experiment has been put into practice for residents of a rural area in some countries in the hope that the best solution will be found to minimize as much as possible the discomfort caused by the grueling heat.

Ashis Paul has developed a smart DIY cooling system that does not need electricity and is built from waste that is found in every community, namely pets. In just three months, Paul’s company installed such non-power air-conditioning “systems” called Eco Cooling Systems in over 25,000 households.


Together with the residents of these communities, they built a new plastic cooler of the same size placed on a plastic plate, starting from a real principle, namely that the hot air that is exhaled with the closed mouth is cooler than the one on which we exhale with a wide open mouth at least a few degrees.

The plastic bottle were cut in half and then positioned in the same way through the holes made in an orderly manner on the support plate. The secret of this cooler is that warm air enters a larger volume and goes out through the neck of the bottle, which means less volume and inevitable compression.

The idea is as simple as it is, and the fact that it does not involve any cost and contributes to the recycling of waste is all the more beneficial for both people and the environment.

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