Thermal Overload


What is a thermal cutter is a tool used to protect the motor from the high intensity of the current from the rated current, where it contains three thermal files that arrive straight with the engine and has a gradient is set to the full load current of the motor.

The control of the complete load current, even if the system is malfunctioning, whether the load exceeds the rated or the fall of the accelerator on the other and thus increased the current from the ration starts the work of heat cutter and protects the motor from this current, which may cause damage if passed for a period of time. Overload The work of the thermal cutter at the height of the current of the current of the engine for any reason the temperature of thermal files connected to the straight with the motor files, which leads to the extension and this extension to move part of the inside of the fountain.

Moving this part leads to the separation of a contact point within this cutter and since this point is connected in parallel with the contactor in the circuit then the electric current is disconnected from each other and the other is separated.

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