“The world’s largest aircraft” flying for the first time in the skies of California


The six-engine plane flew over the Mohave desert for two and a half hours at a height of 17,000 feet.

The two wings’ wings are 385 feet long, the same length as the American football pitch.

Startlunch, founded by Microsoft’s Paul Allen in 2011, designed this giant aircraft as a platform for satellite launch.

The design was based on the idea of takingoff the plane for 10 kilometers before the satellite was launched into orbit.

If successful, this project could save a lot of money to use the aircraft to launch satellites and other things to be sent to space at a lower cost compared to the ground launch of missiles carrying these things.

The twin-hull was able to fly at a height of 15,000 feet at a speed of 274 kilometers per hour during its pilot phase

“It was an amazing experience, and the most exciting part was that the plane provided the expected performance,” said Ivan Thomas, the pilot who led the pilot.

“Our goal is to make access to orbits in space such as commercial flights today,” said Starlunesh.

Virgin Golatek, owned by British billionaire Richard Brunson, has developed a rocket-launching aircraft into orbits in space from a massive rise.

Starlunch describes its new identity as “the world’s largest aircraft,” but there are planes longer than the distance from the front of the plane to the tail

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