Istanbul is preparing to complete the world’s first three-story tunnel, to pass Cars and the subway, between the European and Asian parts of the city,Which will greatly reduce the travel time within Istanbul, and reduce Traffic congestion.

The tunnel will be 16.8 meters in diameter, 6.5 kilometers long and will pass under the Strait Bosphorus, at a depth of 110 meters below sea level, has a water depth of at The area from which the tunnel is planned to pass is between 60 and 65 meters.

It will be possible to move from Ingerly in the European part of Istanbul, to Sogutlu Chishma in the Asian part, in 40 minutes, Using the fast subway that will pass through the new tunnel.

The subway line, which runs through the three-story tunnel, will include 14 Station from Engerli to Sogutlu Chishma, where the total length will be For the 31-kilometer subway line, 1.5 million passengers are expected to use it Daily.

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