Made in Switzerland, Joystickbike e-bike
provides exceptional sensations, has enough autonomy to go to work, and
moves you quickly.The JoystickBike has been inspired by the goal of
combining the sensations of an airplane pilot and those of riding a

Designed by Yvan Forclaz the joystick controlled electric bike was first
developed back in 2014 and after hundreds of hours of development the
first Joystickbike was born.

JoystickBike it’s an electric-assist
recumbent with a rear-mounted 400-watt electric drive and 72 V battery
pack. And can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h. The consumer-ready bike can
now have a 250W motor, 48V battery and can reach a top speed of 25km/h.

The bike is now ready for the users to get their hands on it.For a full
bike kit, the pricing starts from $3000.Since then everything has
accelerated : press coverage around the world, trade shows and many
requests from a potential market to get a Joystickbike. The plans were
made public and several joystickbikes have been created around the world.


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