Albatross is the first motor-powered hydrofoil boat headed to the global luxury market.In the future we are preparing a luxury two-seater sailing boat based on the same technology.Prestigious preproduction wFoil ZERO is the first and only personal hydrofoil powerboat available on the global market.

It is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Is it a GT car on water, is it a plane that cuts through the sea, is it a boat that flies? It’s in a class of its own that’s for sure!

Packed with hi-tech solutions it will make your sailing experience an unforgettable one. With its unique combination of cutting edge technology, craftsmanship and attention to detail it is a beast with a soul.

Fitted with a 75 kW Rotax 912 engine is capable hit speeds of 60mph – and be more agile and stable than any previously known hydro foil boat.

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