The German maker of luxury motorhomes Vario Mobil presents one of the most luxurious
models of. This is the Vario Alkoven 1200
Mercedes-Benz Actros. This tourist gem
is 10,5 meters, width 2,30 meters, and offers the comfort of a large hotel.

It is equipped with a slide-out lounge as well as a large rear garage to
park a sports car. 26 tons asserted, this “nasturtium” like no other
presents an ultra-luxurious interior.

Between wonderful equipment features, It has a parking lot in the rear
of the vehicle, double floor heating, four fixed beds and spaces that
can be extended automatically with slide-out technology. A luxurious
Caravan for lovers of travel, but not for every budget, since the price
is about 550.000 Euro.

The Vario Alkoven 1200 boasts the
latest gadgetry available in the industry. Nothing is spared, from
32-inch flat TVs to a washing machine and even a steam cooker. Security
is insured by the state-of-the-art surveillance system complete with
video camera for the access door and a generator with solar rechargeable
1.200 Ah batteries.

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