The SoelCat 12 BySoel Yachts does not need any
drop of fuel to operate. Right from the first line drawing, every aspect
of this catamaran is integral designed for efficient solar electric
propulsion. When the SoelCat 12 is not in use, it even generates return
of investment by turning into a powerful grid-feeding station. Up to
four households can be supplied with 15kVA of invert power from the
SoelCat 12.

Soel designed the ship around the functional
solar electric propulsion system in order to maximize efficiency. The
16-person craft has a range of 150nm, so it’s ideal for 24-hour
excursions, taxi services, and launch duties.

It has a rooftop solar array providing 8.6 kWp, twin 30 kW electric
motors, and a lithium battery system with a 120 kWh capacity, that can
last for six hours of shipping at 8 knots and the company says that it
runs at 60 NM. In other words, the SoelCat 12
requires 2.17kWh of battery capacity per nautical mile.

The first SoelCat 12, called Okeanos Pearl is
succesfully operating at the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort as a
cooperation project with the Okeanos Foundation for the Sea. Together,
we can set an example for truly sustainable sea transport – where the
sky is not the limit, but the solution!

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