Vladimir Kosma Zworykin (Russian)

The invention of television is linked to the accumulated efforts of a number of people, including: [1]

  • Inventor Vladimir Kosma Zworykin (Russian): The inventor of modern television, born in America, worked with the company Westinghouse, and obtained the patent for the transmitter for the first time in 1923.
  • The inventor, Philo Taylor Farnsworth, filed a patent for the transmission of television signals in 1930.
  • The inventor John Logie Baird: Many people assert that he may be the original inventor of television, because he is the first person to give the first live show of television in the color image broadcast on January 26, 1926.
  • The inventor Charles Jenkins invented a mechanical television system called radiovision, transmitted his first silhouette on June 14, 1923. Charles made his first television broadcast from Anacosta, Virginia, to Washington, in June 1925. An article in the electrical engineer, describing a method for electrically transmitting the image in 1894. [2]

TV system The work of television is based on the transmission and reception of still or moving images, through electrical signals, especially electromagnetic radiation, using radio, cable, optical fiber, and coaxial technologies. Television, especially in European countries , has become a major industry. , And the source of home entertainment, as it is used in various areas of industry; for example, it was used in science and education for surveillance purposes in places inaccessible or dangerous to humans. [3]

Evolution of television The technical standards of modern television were set in the mid-twentieth century, both color and monochrome “black and white.” Since then, there have been continuous improvements. In order to change the dimensions of the television receiver to display widescreen images, in addition, digitally encoded television signals are being transmitted, with the ultimate aim of providing an interactive service and possibly broadcasting multiple programs in the channel operated by a single program. [4]


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