The demolition, which is a huge mess in any workshops and often produces clouds of dust, has often defied massive piles of rubble. To make the process even easier, a Swedish student has created a unique robot, capable of demolishing buildings and using recycled building materials to construct a new building, leaving no trace of any waste. The robot recycles concrete in an energy-efficient manner and separates it from rebar. And other debris on site.

Designer has won Omer Haciomeroglu who designed the robot several awards presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) for the best concept for the demolition of buildings properly and environmentally friendly way of students ‘ class, according to the site “Tknabob” concerned with all that is new in the world of technology.

The robot, called ERO, is a machine capable of demolishing buildings, dismantling concrete structures and reusing waste materials to build new buildings, with little or no waste.

The robot came to overcome the problems that occur when the demolition of buildings by conventional methods as large machines consume energy significantly and also requires the use of water sprinklers to prevent the dispersion of large amounts of dust. The rubble is then moved to special places for recycling and manual waste separation.

Innovation would systematically recycle abandoned building materials after demolishing concrete structures, then separate materials from each other and use them again in construction.

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