The 10 best high tech gadgets to offer for less than 100 euros


You’re looking for a high tech gift? To assist you in your research, Engviral offers this buying guide containing some suggestions for less than 100 euros.

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Engviral has been interested in technology news for more than fifteen years and has been in the hands of many electronic products, whether in a professional context or acquired privately. This guide compiles the devices that we liked and that could be on your Christmas list.

Between consumer electronics whose price can reach tops and gadgets at very low cost whose quality is sometimes questionable, it is not always easy to find shoes to his feet. As the festive season approaches, this guide aims to help you find gift ideas at reasonable prices – under 100 euros – without compromising on quality too much.

This list is intended to be very diverse, with no particular theme. You have items that you want to use (such as a tech anti-theft backpack, a GPS tracker for pets or an external hard drive), products to satisfy a passion or even equipment to take advantage of your equipment (like the Chromecast Ultra or the HyperX Cloud Alpha audio headset).


HyperX Cloud Alpha

For music or video game

For players who play in groups and need to talk in order not to waste time, the HyperX Cloud Alpha helmet appears as a very good candidate. Certified by Teamspeak and Discord, two communication platforms very popular in the video game industry, the product is a circum-aural helmet that includes a rollbar and ear cushions covered with imitation leather with memory foam padding.

Regarding the sound, the device provides a highly satisfactory and accurate sound for this price range. In his bowels there are dual-chamber transducers that provide low distortion and a clearer sound. In addition, the pads are well insulated from outside noise, which improves all the more the quality of listening. It also has a remote control on the braided cable, which adjusts the volume and mute the microphone.

Interesting feature of the helmet, the boom on which rests the microphone is removable. Useful if you want to use the helmet outdoors, for example in public transport, without looking curious. Moreover, the cable has an intermediate connector that reduces the length of the wire. What is, here too, very practical on the move.

Available on Darty at 99,99 €

Chromecast Ultra

Ultra-high definition broadcasting

Compared to Chromecast, the Ultra is especially interesting if the broadcast is ultra-high definition (4K). The device connects to HDMI on the TV and the connection to the device (Android, iOS, Windows or Mac) is via Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz). If you do not have a 4K TV, it is better to fall back on the basic Chromecast, cheaper.

Available on the Fnac at 79,99 €

NES Classic Mini

Back in 1987

If you were born in the 70s or 80s, you may have had a NES console in your hands. Thirty years have passed since the release of this machine, which has scored a lasting generation and relaunched the sector of home consoles. Since 2016, Nintendo has decided to revive it through a dedicated console, the NES Classic Mini .

This machine, which actually emulates the old console, comes with thirty built-in games and a controller (note that the classic and pro controllers of the Wii are compatible). It is possible to acquire one more to play two. What to plunge back into childhood and taste again the atmosphere of 8-bit consoles. And to feel the path that has been traveled since in the video game industry.

Available on Amazon for € 54.90

Robot Makeblock

To tweak with children

If you have a little boy who is between 7 and 15 years old, and he already shows a certain resourcefulness, a Makeblock robot could probably make his happiness – and perhaps that of dad or mom, because this type of construction is a good opportunity to spend time with your child through a joint activity.

The Makeblock robot combines manual work (adding sensors, motors, LEDs, etc.) and programming with a Scratch editor. The writing of instructions is actually quite simple, since you have to arrange blocks between them, like a construction game, in short. For example, you can have fun trying to make the robot follow a very specific circuit. In short, a gentle introduction to computers.

Available on the Fnac at 99,90 €

Fujifilm – Instax Mini 9

Give cachet to clichés

With smartphones, photography has become very commonplace. A cliché is missed? Just start over. Now some seek to find a little nobility in this hobby, or in any case a vintage character that the digital can not propose. In this case, it is to the film that we must turn, especially as instant cameras have a certain renaissance.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is one of them. The photos he takes are immediately printed. This sounds like nothing, but it gives some risk taking when triggering the photo because the film is consumed. And a missed photo is a photo really lost. And then, it’s nice to see these paper photos on a wall, a refrigerator or in a dedicated album.

Available on Darty at 79,90 €

Sphero Star Wars BB-8

Biiip boop biip biiip boop biiiiiip!

Since the release of Star Wars, Episode VII , the BB-8 droid has become the new cool thing of the cinematic saga (well, okay, the Porgs too). He is round and cute, but above all, his way of moving is reproducible in real life! Sphero has indeed built a small remote controlled robot that is controlled via a mobile application, on Android or iOS.

Equipped with LEDs and a speaker, the Sphero BB-8 reacts to the movies of the saga and can also interact with other Star Wars droids controlled by the Sphero application. Via the app, it is possible to move it as you please, by following a route for example. With a full charge, you’ll have fun for an hour. If you have a close fan of Star Wars , this is a track to consider!

Available on Amazon for 89,8 €

Libratone Too

Music with oneself

Offering a theoretical autonomy of 12 hours, the Too is a portable speaker proposed by Libratone for those who want to ship their music without the burden of a large device. The product is enduring and easy to use, but also robust in a context of nomadism. All without (too) back on the sound part, which remains THE key criterion of this type of product.

If it is not as compact as some competing models, the Too remains in small dimensions: it can easily be taken in hand. By cons, it will not fit in a pocket! Instead, choose a backpack. A rubber loop makes it possible to suspend it and the device is controlled via the dedicated mobile application, via the connection Bluetooth connection.

Available on Darty for 99,53 €

Bobby XL

The anti-theft bag

Choosing a comfortable backpack to use is good. But opt ​​for a product that is also able to withstand attempts to break in, it’s even better. That’s where the startup XD Design chose to place itself with a product supposed to withstand the onslaught of pickpockets. How? By rethinking the design of the product so that its only access is in the back of the bag, which is inaccessible when it is worn.

Its design, very sober, hides a lot of pockets and compartments to store his equipment and accessories. It is also equipped with reflective strips to be seen at night. Do we ever know. Finally, the Bobby XL has a USB connection on the outside of the bag to connect a removable battery inside and connect a smartphone to the bag to recharge, without having to unpack.

Available on Amazon for € 94.95

Pet Tracker

To find out where your dog is anywhere

Do you have a garden and your animals are used to spending time there? You may be afraid that he will eventually get out of their playground and get lost. Normally, your dog or cat has been tattooed or has received a microchip so that it can be identified and returned to you. But what if your haired companion gets lost without anyone bringing him back?

In this case, an animal tracking device may be useful. This is what Invoxia offers with its Pet Tracker . The system is used to locate a pet anywhere in France (Metropolitan and Corsica), no limit distance, because the tool goes through a GPS link to inform you via the dedicated mobile application. It is possible to define a virtual fence that emits an alert as soon as your animal leaves or if it stays out for too long.

The tracker is attached to a necklace and does not weigh too much (15 g) or is very bulky (4.2 cm long and 2.4 wide). The device is waterproof to a depth of one meter and the signal can be communicated every 3 to 10 minutes, as soon as a movement is detected. A travel history is provided. A subscription to the service is included for a period of three years. The battery is 6 months without recharging.

Available on Amazon at 99 €

LaCie Porsche Design

Storage with style

Offering an external hard drive at Christmas is perhaps not the sexiest gift … However, it is probably possible to offset this impression by opting for a model placed in a beautiful case. That’s what the French manufacturer LaCie offers with its Porsche Design range .

This model has a storage capacity of one terabyte and is compatible with USB-C, the new USB connector standard, one of the features of which is to be reversible. This is the new industry standard, which is being generalized. Its USB 3.1 interface (and USB 2.0 compatible) guarantee fast data transfer. In short, a practical gift that anticipates the future of computing.

Available on at 89,95 €

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