Stadia, a revolutionary gaming platform from Google that spans the Xbox and PlayStation pages


Google has alerted competitors indirectly to the shape of the future when it unveiled its next operating system, FuchsiaOS. With a simple read-through, the company’s cloud orientation can be viewed not only at the service level but also at the system level. Google reinforced that vision a few hours ago after unveiling Stadia, a revolutionary gaming platform that will change the form of electronic games forever.

Google Cloud

To run the latest games, the user needs to ensure that the internal features of his or her computer or game platform are compatible with the game’s requirements. This means that in order to play high-resolution graphics games, the user needs to use a premium graphics card on the computer or to purchase the latest generation of gaming platforms such as Microsoft’s Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation , Which came “Stadia” to change it completely.

Over the past few years, Google has proven its ability to create and manage data centers in the best possible way, as well as provide software interfaces that allow programmers to take advantage of these centers to store their application data and provide some benefits as well. After mastering the simple tasks, Google moved to provide a more complex, artificial intelligence (AI) processor. Any developer can pay a monthly subscription and take advantage of its enormous processing capacity, which in turn gives application developers a new opportunity to make their applications smarter regardless of the device User (1).

In a nutshell, Google’s data centers were one day used to store data from Google’s various users, including search engine archives, Gmail, and Google Docs. But over time, the company decided to open the door to developers to take advantage of these centers to store their application data, so that they are available at any time and from any device, without forgetting some other services such as confirmation of user identity or analysis of application performance to see the behavior of users inside.

Google has seen that the development of its own processors opens a great opportunity after taking advantage of the speed of their data centers, running applications on their servers instead of running on the user’s device will provide a faster experience, and thus gave the world the advantage of instant applications, Android for the application experience without downloading it on the phone first (2).


After these advantages, Google decided that running applications on its data centers is never enough, so it gave the world a “stadium” as a game platform that can be used on any device regardless of the power of the hardware inside. As long as it can play videos from YouTube, Will also be able to play the games that the platform will provide once it arrives in 2019 (3).

Stadia “is a gaming platform, that is, the games will be played inside Google’s own servers and then transmitted to the user’s device, just as with videos on YouTube hosted by Google’s servers, and transmitted to users’ devices at any time. The game, no matter how accurate the graphics are, will not be affected by the type of the user’s device, which means that any game with supernatural specifications only needs Google to update its servers to accommodate the new features without requiring the user to change his game platform, phone, tablet or computer Desktop.

As for the experience of use, the company simplified it as much as possible with the click of a button. If a company had a teaser video on its YouTube platform, it would be able to add a button to play the game from that video. , To install updates, or to anything else.

According to Google officials, the accuracy of the broadcast will be “4K” (4K) at 60 frames per second when providing the platform this year, with promises to provide 8K resolution (8K) at 120 frames per second later, without specifying Time period, meaning that the user only needs a respectful connection to the Internet to take advantage of new platform capabilities, as well as support his monitor’s screen for those beats certainly.

With a quick comparison of the capabilities of existing gaming platforms, the PlayStation 4 Pro enables its graphics processor to run 4 trillion operations per second, at a time when the Xbox One X platform can do 6 trillion operations. Stadia is able to complete more than 10 trillion operations per second, a figure that can be increased when Google decides to update its servers.

Revolutionary experience

Google also unveiled a Stadia console with a range of exclusive features that start with a fast response. The handle connects to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network and communicates with Google’s servers directly, not via the phone or the device used. To run the game, that means higher speed all the time.

Continuing with the handle, the company provided a special button to share the game on YouTube, meaning that the user is able to play and broadcast the game at the same time from any device that uses it even if it is “Chrome Cast”. It should be noted here that the broadcast will also be accurately “4K” and 60 frames per second, and here shows the importance of running the game on Google’s own servers that will be connected immediately with the servers of YouTube to broadcast the game, unlike the current model, which depends on the user’s device and its own connection To broadcast the game on the Internet.

Another button available to ask Google’s digital assistant, Google Assistant, while playing, sometimes the user may be unable to accomplish a task. Instead of using the traditional way of opening YouTube, or searching Google, you can ask the Google assistant without leaving the game, to show some useful resources without ever having to use another device. The Stadia platform will support this by default.

The company did not specify the price of the handle, or even the monthly subscription price on the Stadia platform, but confirmed that the developers’ conference during the summer will be a date for the unveiling of games that will be available with the launch of the platform officially to the public, meaning that the summer or holiday season At the latest, are the expected times for the platform to reach users in Europe, America, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Day after day, Google proves that the future is 100% Sahabi, and that the devices will take a different direction in the coming years, the strength of internal hardware will no longer be required in the presence of strong data centers, and this explains the investment of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, Google, Facebook, in cloud storage technologies and Develop their own data centers. But for the time being, the eye on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, which may become old shouts within a year from now, has not made users go on with them because Stadia’s current quality will provide an impeccable gaming experience.

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