Riveting pliers: choose and use


You want to use rivets to fix different materials, here are some tips for choosing to use a riveting tool

DIY category: fasteners
Field of application: rivets are really used everywhere
Difficulty: 1/5 – very easy
Duration: 5 minutes max to put a rivet

The different rivets
There are different types of rivets, of different shapes and made in different materials. Each of them is adapted to a different use, for example, the pop rivets are very widely used, the double rivets are in turn more for the fabric or the leather, and still others for the automobile …

Choose the rivet pliers
Most riveting pliers work on the same principle, I do not know of any pliers that have a more powerful mechanism, so it’s not really a criterion of choice.

On the other hand, each family of rivets is a riveting pliers, so be careful to choose.

Regarding pop rivets which are the most widespread, there are different sizes, depending on the thickness of the materials to be fixed. So think about choosing a pliers equipped with adapters of different sizes, as well as the key to change them.

Even if the mechanism of the riveting pliers is simple, it is still necessary that the pliers are powerful enough to break the stem of the rivet and as well designed to extract the rod, I say that because it has happened to me already … So throw a glance at the clip before you buy it, you can also find a selection at the end of this article.

How to use riveting pliers?
Here are the few steps to put a rivet (for more details, find my article how to use rivets):

Drill the 2 materials to be riveted, the diameter of which should be slightly greater than that of the rivet rod
Place on the rivet pliers the tip corresponding to the diameter of the stem
Put the rivet in the mouthpiece
Insert the rivet into the hole through the two materials
Clamp the pliers until breaking the rivet rod
Here is the rivet is placed, you can also slightly file the rest of the rod for a better finish
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