The combination of sugar and salt is not appreciated, but did you know that it was an excellent remedy for insomnia? Discover how salt and sugar can promote a good quality of sleep!

Sleep disorders such as insomnia can increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Poor sleep can also lead to memory problems, lack of energy and difficulty concentrating.

Note that aggravating factors related to sleep disorders can vary from one person to another and result in:

• Excessive consumption of foods rich in caffeine (tea, coffee, energy drinks …)
• Stress and other psychiatric or psychological problems
• An unhealthy lifestyle (lack of exercise, poor diet …) and sleep (irregular sleep hours, very long naps …)
• Jet lag
• Drug use and smoking

Excessive consumption of salt and sugar can certainly lead to serious health problems, but moderate consumption of these two products, when natural and unrefined, can provide many benefits such as:

• Relieve headaches
• Fight insomnia
• Stimulate the immune system

Here is the recipe for this natural remedy for insomnia and sleep disorders:


• 1 teaspoon of sea salt (or Himalayan salt)
• 5 teaspoons of brown sugar

Preparation and use

• Mix the ingredients and keep them in a jar.
Warning: you must use a pure salt, unrefined, and preferably Bio, the same for sugar.

• Each night, before sleeping, take a little of this mixture and place it under your tongue.

Glucose is one of the main compounds of sugar, it activates certain cells necessary for a good quality of sleep. A study conducted by scientists from the Lyon Neuroscience Center and researchers from the Graduate School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry, published in the Journal Of Neuroscience, showed that glucose stimulates the neurons involved in triggering sleep in laboratory animals.

Himalayan salt
Himalayan salt (pink salt) contains about 80 minerals! It is rich in iodine, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate and magnesium. Remember that a deficiency of magnesium can be one of the causes of insomnia, because this mineral is essential to the regulation of sleep.

This remedy is useful for fighting insomnia, sleep disorders and fatigue, allowing you to have a restful sleep. It can also help you fight against stress which, in turn, causes sleep disturbances.

Note that a healthy and balanced diet and physical activity are necessary for a good quality of sleep.

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