Prepare this and get rid of back pain


If you have a job that requires you to sit for hours, and you feel pain in the lower back, the recipe you will discover in this article is for you.

Causes of back pain
Many people have an unhealthy and very sedentary lifestyle. The whole body suffers, but the spine more than anything else, because we spend most of our days sitting and we practice very little physical activity. Thus, from our earliest childhood, we cause risks of pain in the lower back.

Many people do it by swallowing dozens of pain relieving medications when that is not the solution at all. They do not know this simple, effective and natural recipe for solving the problem.

We strongly recommend you apply this tip because it has helped a lot of people to significantly reduce their back pain, lumbago, sciatica and even sprains. Plus, this option is far better than poisoning your body with tons of painkillers.

The saving recipe
In a bowl, mix half a liter of boiled water and two tablespoons of ginger. Stir your mixture well, let it cool a bit and then dip in a clean gauze band or towel. Squeeze a little and place the fabric so as to cover the whole area that hurts you. Keep the band as long as it takes to get the most benefit.

You will see the instant effects of this method. Repeat every time you feel tingling in the lower back and say goodbye to your back pain!

Why ginger?
It is a true health ally and its therapeutic virtues are unparalleled. It overcomes digestive problems, treats infections, and is a powerful antiviral and anti-cancer. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic functions are totally effective to calm pain in the muscles, belly, back etc.

The Australian University Edith Cowan has done a study on this natural remedy. The participants had to apply in the middle of their back this poultice of ginger, once a day for 30 minutes. After a week, they noticed that their pain had gone down by more than half. According to the researchers, this miracle poultice heats up and acts on the musculoskeletal system by relaxing it.

However, because of ginger, this trick is not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from blood diseases, diabetics and weak people.

Improve your life to avoid back pain
Stretch and evacuate stress
Promote activities such as swimming or yoga. A study done at the University of Washington ensures that people with back pain experienced a dramatic improvement in their health after only 3 months of yoga. Through relaxation and breathing exercises, yoga helps the body to relax and stretch.

Buy a new mattress
Sleep experts argue that your mattress needs to be changed every 10 years. However, if you sleep badly and can afford it, buy a new one after 5 or 6 years. The ideal mattress is neither too soft nor too hard, to avoid putting pressure on the spine and accentuate the pain.

Say goodbye to your high heels

If you are a follower of high heels, you may be disappointed because wearing it is extremely bad for the back. Indeed, wearing heels requires you to bend your back when you walk, which is of course not good for the spine. On the other hand, totally flat shoes, such as sandals or ballerinas, can also have adverse effects on the back, because the weight of the body is unequally distributed.


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