Making paper sketches of objects can be a tedious job. You have to draw the object, add dimensions and make sure others will understand what you meant. Often they don´t. My Measures is a powerful application for storing and sharing object dimensions. All you have to do is take a photo of an object and add dimensions: arrows, angles, photos of details and equip them with text comments for easier understanding.
My Measures is a must have tool for real estate agents, engineers, carpenters, architects, auction sellers, construction workers and DIY.

Key features:

  • Annotate photo with arrows, angles and text comments
  • Include multiple detail photos
  • Organize projects in folders
  • Imperial, Metric, Chinese and Japanese units
  • Supports Fractions

PRO features:

  • Share project as PDF or images
  • Export projects to Dropbox, Google Drive, …
  • Unlimited files and annotations
  • Advance tools: snap, zoom, calculations
  • Transfer projects to Mac and Windows PC
  • Secure projects with password or Touch ID
  • Leica DISTO laser meter support




  1. […] My Measures Professional application is more than wonderful in the field of measurement and is programmed with high precision specially to make the phone camera take measurements of anything passing by the lens of photography where it shows all normal and beside the measurements such as length, width, height and other … and all you have to do Take a picture of an object or place you want to store its dimensions and then add dimensions to it. […]

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