Meriam Kraige Engineering Mechanics Statics 7th Edition book


550 Pages · 2011 · 27.83 MB · English

This series of textbooks was begun in 1951 by the late Dr. James L. Meriam. At thattime, the books represented a revolutionary transformation in undergraduate mechanicseducation. They became the definitive textbooks for the decades that followed as well asmodels for other engineering mechanics texts that have subsequently appeared. Publishedunder slightly different titles prior to the 1978 First Editions, this textbook series has al-ways been characterized by logical organization, clear and rigorous presentation of the the-ory, instructive sample problems, and a rich collection of real-life problems, all with a highstandard of illustration. In addition to the U.S. versions, the books have appeared in SI ver-sions and have been translated into many foreign languages. These texts collectively repre-sent an international standard for undergraduate texts in mechanics.


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