Hard Drive Marine’ new LC7
features a patented Maxgate Landing System and newly patented JaxCab, a
unique, moveable cabin that can be hydraulically placed anywhere on the
deck to allow maximum utility and comfort.

Hard Drive Marine

It’s 31 feet long with an 11 foot beam. It’s powered by twin outboard
Honda Marine 250 HP motors. And when you come a shore, the gate opens
and literally pulls you inland so you never get wet. And when you’re
ready to go it pushes you away from the shore. It’s about as handy as a
pocket on a shirt.

LC7 features wireless remote hydraulics that control the landing door, self retrieving anchor winch and modular cabin that has 12 feet of longitudinal movement.

The designed maximum payload, subject to centre of gravity height and
weight distribution, as well as operating conditions, is 1,500 kg. The
hull is designed for twin outboard drive and has excellent handling
characteristics even at higher speeds.

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