Poor blood circulation is a particularly unpleasant problem when the weather starts to cool. So use these eight tips to prevent your hands and feet from freezing.

1. Practice physical activities
Playing sports or any other physical activity improves circulation. Muscle contractions improve the flow of blood to your legs and regular walks or aerobics sessions will most likely keep your body warm.

2. Have a normal weight
It is easier for blood to circulate in healthy bodies than in those who are overweight.

4. Take deep breaths
Breathing deeply helps to increase the capacity of your lungs, so your body gets more oxygen, which is needed for metabolism and cells in our body.

5. Stop smoking
Smoking damages the cells of the vascular endothelium and is sometimes considered the main cause of increased cholesterol levels.

6. Relax
Prolonged breathing, the technique of autogenic training and a massage are ways you can use to relax.

7. Wear scarves, clothing and accessories that retain heat.
Warm clothing and accessories and scarves will help you maintain your body temperature.

8. Practice “hot and cold” treatment
Soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes, then do the same in cold water. Repeat this process several times, this will stimulate your blood circulation.

This effective remedy will improve your circulation and protect your blood vessels

Ingredients :

140 g dried calendula
40 g dried thyme
40 g of dried nettle
3 stems of rosemary
3 common achire stems
3 stems of St. John’s wort perforated
1l of raki (a 40% alcoholic beverage)

The preparation :
Put the herbs in a glass jar. Add the liter of raki and leave the jar for 30 days in a dark room. After this time, take a spoon of this preparation morning and evening.

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