Growing vegetables at home requires a lot of patience and skill. However, here is a tip that will allow you to grow potatoes at home easily.

To grow potatoes at home, you will need:

Planks of wood;

Pre-germinated potatoes: pre-germinating the tubers of this vegetable saves two to three weeks;

From the ground: a little compost to cover the potatoes as they begin to grow;

A natural fertilizer of potatoes.

How to build a container to grow potatoes:


24 boards (16 x 5 cm) of lumber

4 boards (30 x 5 cm) of lumber

A box of nails

Plant the 4 planks 30 cm long horizontally in the soil of your garden, so that they form a 16 cm square on each side.

  1. Add four 16 cm boards to form the base with nails. Add soil mixed with compost and plant your pre-sprouted potatoes 10 cm deep.
  2. Add soil, and when it reaches the surface of the board, add one. Repeat the process until you have no board left, adding mixed soil with compost pile. Prefer slightly damp compost for best results.
  3. Add the potato fertilizer as you add planks.
  4. To grow your potatoes, remove the planks that form the base of your container.

This tip will allow you to grow potatoes successfully. Once the potatoes begin to grow, add compost. Water if necessary, but do not pour a lot of water. For good results, the container should be exposed to a sunny location. It is also advisable to start planting between March and April for good harvests.

Do not forget :

Properly space pre-germinated potatoes when planting them.

Avoid planting vegetables in the same place where you have grown them.

Keep the soil still slightly damp.

Do not use the same soil that you used to grow the previous potatoes.

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