Here’s what happens when you eat Nutella


Find out why you absolutely must remove Nutella from your diet.

The company Ferrero is known in the field of chocolate, it imports its products in Europe since a long time. We know all its iconic products and especially the Nutella spread, as well as its commercial derivatives. There are even snacks called “Nutelleria”, whose concept is a fast food devoted to Nutella. We talk about it, we eat it, but is it really good for your health?

Used excessively, this product can be very dangerous for your health and that of your loved ones. Indeed, its ingredients are filled with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), which are bad for health. Discover the ingredients of this spread containing GMOs.

The bad ingredients for health in Nutella:
Sugar: Extract from sugar beet, for cost and production reasons, the sugar contained in this spread is filled with chemicals such as pesticides. Far from the natural sugar the body needs, this refined sugar is extremely harmful to health. According to scientific research, it can mainly cause attention deficit, hyperactivity, autism, depression, anxiety and migraines.

Palm oil: With about 20% palm oil in a pot, Nutella is a bomb in saturated fatty acids. Palm oil has no nutritional value. In addition, palmitic acids, found in large quantities in this oil, promote the deposition of cholesterol plaques on the arteries. Palm oil is used to give this famous consistency to Nutella but could have been replaced by coconut oil for example, to be better for health.

Vanillin: It is a vanilla synthesis aroma, which proves dangerous by its neurotoxic properties, just like refined sugar, destroying the cells of the brain. Even if the label shows that there is no artificial preservative, the flavors used as vanillin are present in Nutella. Vanillin causes addiction by stimulating the secretion of serotonin, the happiness hormone.
Skimmed milk powder: Far from being rich in calcium, Nutella contains 6.6% “whey”, that is skimmed milk powder and whey. The cows providing this skim milk are fed corn filled with GMOs and treated with antibiotics to reduce costs.

Soy: Nutella contains soy lecithin, an emulsifier with adverse health effects. Scientific studies have linked this genetically modified component to uncontrolled weight gain, precocious puberty, depression, fatigue, thyroid disorders and breast cancer.
Also note that jars of Nutella and all other plasticized packaging may contain traces of one of the most dangerous phthalates (it is a group of chemicals), DEHP, making men sterile, suspected of being carcinogenic , and to be a cause of diabetes in women.
We advise you to cook your own spread, so you will be perfectly aware of the ingredients it contains. This recipe, besides being healthy is delicious.

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