Recycling some objects that are out of use, we can turn them into others that will have a new utility and will revive the environment of our home. Following these images, we will learn how to make an Ottoman chair using an old tire and some materials available to anyone.

Here is a novel project that we will turn a worn tire into an Ottoman chair that can be laid with a lot of naturalness in the balcony or even on the terrace of our house. As we can see, the tire fully proves its usefulness even after it is no longer used as such. The process of making this chair is quite simple, but the final result delights our eyes.

First of all, we get the materials we need to get started. The main piece is a tire, and besides, we need a thick hemp string, a silicon tube, a highly resistant transparent glue, two round plywood cut into the inside of the tire, paint and four rubber feet seat.

First we will clean the tire of any dirt, then fix the two plywood discs on both sides of the tire. In the middle of one of them we put a little of the glue tube, and from here we start spiral twist wrapping until the tire is completely clad. We will ensure that the rows of string are as tight and tight as possible to each other.

The plywood that will be the top of the seat will be clothed, while the bottom can be painted in the preferred color. At the end we will fix the four rubber feet of the seat, then we can place it in the place where we want to find the utility or simply embellish our home. Increase work!

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