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THERE IS EVERY CHANCE that the end of the 20th century will be looked back on as a golden âge of furniture-making. At this time, makers are working in the widest range of idioms imaginable, as they hâve so much to choose from: the âges of oak and walnut précède the extraordinary 75 years or so that comprise what we call the Georgian period; the latter followed by the exubérant Regency style; Arts & Crafts from Morris to Mackintosh, Shaker from the USA; and of course the 20th Century itself- a rich palette by any standards.
As today’s craftsmen can draw on such a continuing tradition, their work develops free of constraint on design. Likewise the diversity of techniques available to the furniture-maker has never been greater, traditional approaches such as dovetailing and morticing co-existing with biscuit joints, routed joints and high-tech adhesives.
Much of this development is driven by technology, not least in the new materials now offered – what would a Georgian craftsman make of MDF, for example?
It is in the small workshop that the blending of thèse éléments is most noticeable.
Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine, from which this book is compiled, is unique in drawing out the expérience of individual makers regardless of their style or approach, and presenting examples of their work in the form of projects.
The resuit is a fascinating insight into the craft at its current stage of development, and an invaluable guide for practitioners.
Whatever your taste in furniture design and préférence in techniques, the projects in this book will not only provide a useful source of ideas for furniture, but also some refreshing and innovative approaches to making it.
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