Ferrari introduces the fastest hybrid car in the world

Ferrari Sport Italy has unveiled its latest product, the SF90 Stradale SUV.

The new car can be driven in the streets without any sound, like any electric car. It can also get 340 km / h depending on its traditional engine.

The new car is the most powerful of all the cars produced by Ferrari in the past.

It can reach from the point of stability to a speed of 100 km per hour in just 2.5 seconds, a record for a car other than race cars.

The company presented the SF90 at its headquarters in the town of Maranello, near the northern Italian city of Modena on Wednesday.

It is equipped with engines with a total strength of 1,000 HP.

“It’s amazing, fast and revolutionary,” executive director Luis Camilleri told reporters at the announcement ceremony.

The SF90 can only 25 km away using electrical power, without any sound or harmful emissions, a very useful feature in crowded cities.

“It’s going to be a silent car, and we do not want to hide the fact that it can move on with electric power as well,” Ferrari technology chief Michael Laiters said.

The announcement of the new car was attended by about 130 journalists who had to hand over their phones to prevent them from taking unauthorized photos.

Ferrari has already produced a hybrid car in the past, a Ferrari car that produced only a limited number. The SF90 will therefore be the first hybrid Ferrari to be produced on a relatively large scale.

The new Ferrari is powered by a petrol engine developed from Ferrari’s engines in Formula 1 with a power of 769 horsepower, as well as three electric motors (two in front and one in the rear) with a total strength of 217 horsepower.

Electric motor batteries can be charged independently, and the main engine can be relied upon to charge.

The price of the new car was not announced, but Ferrari sales manager Enrico Galliera said it would be “less than Ferrari and higher than the 812 Supervast,” meaning it would cost between $ 556,000 and $ 1.6 million.

Galliera said about 2,000 potential customers had been invited to attend the announcement ceremony of the new car, adding that “most of them have submitted requests for their purchase.”

Ferrari sells more than 65 percent of its production to its owners.

The first batch of the SF90 Stradale is expected to begin delivery in the spring of next year.

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