Definition of nanotechnology


There is no doubt that this era is the era of scientific and technological boom, hardly follow the news in one of the types of science and technology until surprised by the emergence of other more sophisticated technologies in a short time, and these sequences in the series of technical development are one of the highlights of this century and the end of the last century. Volume 0%  

We often hear about micro and nano technology, and all these expressions are meant to be very accurate technology reached in various fields, one of the most accurate techniques that are now frequented on our ears is nanotechnology or nanotechnology called in English (nano-technology), what is this technology And what is meant by nano as well.

What is nano?

If a unit of measurement is the length (in meters), the nanometer would be a billionth of a meter (in mathematics, number 10 raised to power -9 = 10 ^ -9). A very small number and a very small fraction of a meter, which means the precision of the body, which is very sensitive.

Nanotechnology and its applications

For example, in the world of microelectronics there are so-called semiconductors, materials that combine metallic and non-metallic properties. This variation in physical and chemical behavior can be used for the benefit of modern science. In making these semiconductors, materials with electronic properties by extruding the metal alloys of these semiconductors, such as silicon, for example with nanostructured elements such as phosphorus particles, to form what we call diodes. The transistors (Diodes and Transistors), one of the chips used in the computer industry, and units of central processors, and all electronic and electrical appliances.

Nanotechnology intervenes in the biomedical and medical fields. Studying the primary components of cells and identifying their properties using magnifying microscopes is a nanotechnology, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, microscopic injection, DNA study, cell proliferation in chronic diseases, staphylococci and other applications. Technology.

We see nanotechnology in light and heavy industries, through the careful use of manufacturing technology as well as trying to reduce the sizes of industries and make them achieve the primary goal and smaller sizes, and may also have led us to reduce the economic burden of finding solutions less expensive than it is now, such as the manufacture of lighting lamps that work LED technology is also present in TV screens and smartphones, which are becoming more beautiful and clear.

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