Dancing House Dancing House is one of the world’s most famous buildings on the bank of the Vltava River in Prague, built in 1996.It takes the form of a man and a woman dancing, and was designed by Croatian architect Vlada Milonic in collaboration with the American engineer Frank Gehri.

The dancing house, known as Ginger & Fred, is a 3.4-square-meter, 6-storey commercial office, bedroom and a large restaurant on the last floor of 493 square meters, with a 360-degree glass facade overlooking the city’s most prominent landmarks.
The glass building is an elegant woman embraced by a man with a hat-like head, dancing together and swaying in harmony with the surrounding environment. The building is a world-class masterpiece in architecture, the unconventional and controversial design of the time. It was newly built and took only two years to build. One of the activities that can be done in relation to the building is to enjoy a tour around the building to take pictures of the windows of the building with a deconstructed architectural style, which are designed over zigzag lines to look like dancing on a musical ladder.

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