Create a new type of self-cooling bricks! Heat disperses to keep buildings cool


For most engineers in most parts of the world, the completion of comfortable building designs for easy and comfortable life has always been necessary to develop building materials and methods.

One of the most prominent problems that have long been and remains a concern for architects is the adaptation to climate conditions is one of the most important problems facing any design.

One of the most important projects that came to provide solutions to the problems of air conditioning in homes is the project Bloque Termodisipador one of its success, which worked on the use of a new type of self-cooling bricks. The project is by architects in Colombia Miguel Niño, Johanna Navarro, a brick-cut brick, with an irregular section that allows air currents to pass through the blocks to reduce the amount of heat the building gains.

The most important characteristic is that

  • Clay is used as raw materials
  • A ceramic block designed with an irregular cross-section that allows ventilation to pass through bricks, reducing the amount of heat entering the building.
  • Its asymmetrical shape consists of a rectangle and an irregular triangle that protects the building from the sun.
  • Constructed according to the same principle of traditional bricks with development in section design.
  • Brick and used in architectural envelopes and facades.

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