Container Homes Benefits and Design


Your Container Home Resource….Before you start to weigh your options on home building and purchase, you must know what container homes are. These mobile home alternatives were first made in a green response to the abundance of shipping containers ending up docked on our shores.

As we, the United States, began to benefit from the inexpensive price of importing some goods, we also began to be the recipients of shipping byproducts. Companies began using the container products in renovations, additions, and other projects, and the trend has grown into a green frenzy. These units can be used for a number of projects including, but not limited to, your dream of a custom built home.

The trend has grown so that in the last few years, the history of the product has been forgotten, but the benefit of the choice lives on. To begin, recycling these containers is a great contribution to the green movement of the last decade, but other modern conveniences can be enjoyed as well. The homes are of high quality, relatively affordable, moveable/transportable, and can be used for a vast number of projects for your home, for your business, or for your business expansion needs.

These structures are in the rival category of mobile homes, so all the known benefits of the mobile homes of yore come with this new innovation in addition to new and added benefits.

These units are comparably affordable to the aforementioned mobile units, and they are an extremely affordable alternative to traditional home building, and if custom building is important to you, but out of your price range on the regular market, then the modular option may be just the product you desire.

These units, made from steel product, can be built on a foundation and with an anchor system making the highly withstanding to storm activity even in the most severe conditions.

These modules are custom designed and sent straight to your building site, and, the companies involved are resourceful and available for question and guidance throughout the building process. These units can be used to custom build an entire house, or they can be used for additions such as detached office, kid, play, business, or hobby space.

Container homes are a great option for those who need to build and remain on-site of a business project as they can be disassembled and moved to the next worksite when the project at hand is completed.

These building compartments have been used for additional on-site office space, for home renovations, for those who move frequently, and even for additional classroom space.

In Dallas TX, container homes can provide a great solution for people.

Shipping Container Homes: Trendy or Trashy?

Much like in fashion, in interior design trends come and go. However, one trend seems to be sticking around for the long haul: going green. With going green, there are a plethora of options for recycled products to reclaimed woods, newer manufacturing processes that use less fossil fuels and so forth.

That being said, one trend has risen in recent years where people are reusing shipping containers and creating entire homes within their walls. So, are shipping container homes trendy or trashy? You decide. If you’ve got a large house, you could easily conceal a storage container in the back to add on to your home.

It’s a great way to add on additional needed square footage without compromising the front curb appeal of your home or the interior design of the inside.

What Room? Any Room!

Since you can use a shipping container to add on to your home, it’s no surprise that you can use these boxes to create just about any space. This includes adding on to existing kitchen designs, adding a new bathroom, creating additional bedroom designs or perhaps even creating entirely new living room designs for a home.

Concealed Looks

Just because you know it’s a shipping container, doesn’t mean anyone else has to know. You can actually alter the interior and exterior of the space to suit the look and style of your home. Interior design is flexible and of course, shipping containers are no exception. Just because you’re reusing the frame doesn’t mean you’ve got to stick with the look.


Shipping containers are extremely versatile, as mentioned before. However, what wasn’t mentioned is this: you can combine a number of shipping containers together to create the desired amount of space. You can also redesign the space by cutting and rearranging the shipping container to create the right shape and style for your home. In other words, it’s so versatile, you can create just about anything; and that also includes the interior design and decorating the space.

They Make Great Cabins

Vacation homes can be expensive and remodeling a shipping container might not be an exception to this rule. However, despite the cost of the interior design and remodeling, these containers actually make great vacation homes. You can use them as a cabin “up north,” or even a beach house “down south.”

Trailer Trash Unfortunately, as expected, there are also many reasons that these containers can be considered ‘trashy.’ For example, shipping containers are made from metal; but so are trailers and no one enjoys being considered “trailer trash.” These homes give a whole new meaning to the word. Plus, no matter how you dress up the interior design or the exterior of the house, some people might always look at it as a trailer.

Turn up the Air, or Wait, Turn up the Heat? Metal conducts heat. A giant metal container won’t be too comfortable, especially if you live in warmer climates. Giant metal containers also conduct the cold, so you won’t be comfortable in the winter, either, will you? Controlling the temperature inside a large shipping container home can be extremely difficult.

In the end, only you can decide if you feel that this kind of home is trendy or trashy. After all, you can gussy up the interior design of a trailer, but that doesn’t make it any less trashy, or does it?

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