Partnering with the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University
of Colorado, Ceramicspeed has
created a drive shaft concept that utilises 21 CeramicSpeed Bearings and
sets a new benchmark as the world’s most efficient drivetrain.

Driven sets a new benchmark in drivetrain technology, increasing optimal
efficiency to 99% and creating 49% less friction than market leaders.
Unlike traditional drivetrain systems, Driven eliminates friction caused
by the articulation of a chain due to it’s innovative pinion drive shaft

To achieve ultimate efficiency, Driven utilises 21 CeramicSpeed hybrid bearings. Each bearing
contains unique ceramic balls that are 58% lighter and 2.3 times harder
than traditional steel, increasing the speed of the bearing by 30-50%.
Each bearing works in harmony to deliver greater power, playing a
pivotal role in performance and speed.

A traditional chain and derailleur drivetrain contains eight points of
sliding friction, which is generated from the articulation of the chain
at these points. Driven impressively eliminates all eight points of
sliding friction.


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