At first glance, and viewed from a distance, it looks like a very old tree trunk and they devoured a lot of caries. In reality, however, it is a sculptural art work of value to the Book of Records, made by the hands of a remarkable artist.

Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui chose to carve in this tree trunk nearly 12 meters long three-dimensional details of people’s lives and ancient Chinese rural settlements. He had 4 years of hard work to do this impressive work, and now, when his work is exhibited at the Beijing Palace Museum, everyone can see the grandeur and originality of the artist’s work.

The idea behind the sculptor for the work was a famous painting depicting people’s lives in the settlements along the river near Bianjing (today Kaifeng) during the Qingming Festival.

The Chinese sculptor included over 550 silhouettes of the inhabitants of these villages, but also many buildings, bridges or boats. Ever since ancient times, Chinese artists have carved wood pieces, making fantastic artistic works that are simpler or more complicated designs with different compositional themes.

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