This video shows the versatility of the Zipper truck system. We are able
to create tunnels with openings very quickly with no permanent support work.

This arch can be used as a mining reclaim tunnel or storage vault with
top access.Zipper Truck System it’s a custom built by Lock Block Ltd
that allows masons to erect free-standing tunnels very fast.

The specially designed building blocks with interlocking pegs are held
by the arched-rollers of the truck, functioning as a frame. quarter mile
of tunnel can be constructed in less than 24 hours and can be used
immediately, cutting costs and lengthy periods of curing time.

The truck is tapered, with the front arch being taller than the tail. As
the truck moves forward, the blocks fall and compress. This is very
similar to how a zipper works.One of the other cool things about it is
that it can be dismantled and re-assembled to be used on another project
or moved.

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