Brico tip: fix a toilet that lacks stability


Tiled floors are rarely straight, so toilets are often unstable and move. Here is a tip to solve the problem …

Tip category: toilet / WC
Difficulty: ridiculously easy

Why do my toilets move?
As I mentioned in intro, it is very difficult to lay a perfectly flat tile. In fact, it takes a little to make 2 tiles slightly offset, a screed with some asperities, a little too much glue in some places or even a slightly deformed tile …

So, when we put the toilet, they will find themselves on tiles with different heights, but that we do not notice immediately …

The solution to make toilets stable
No question of remaking the floor, no it would be much too expensive and in addition you do not have the guarantee that the new floor is better …

I propose this little trick that compensates for the offsets of the ground by adding a product that will fill the gaps under the toilet, here’s how:

  1. Clean the floor and allow to dry
  2. Apply a clear silicone seal
  3. Smooth the seal and remove the excess
  4. Allow to dry for at least 2 hours without using the toilet
  5. Here are your toilets are stable …

In illustration:
Silicone application

Clear joint finish

Tools and consumables needed
To realize this small project here is what you will need:

-Transparent silicone
-A cartridge gun
-A cutter
-A little paper towels to clean the excess silicone
-Special mention

So if you also have tips to share and I’m sure you have some, do not hesitate to contact me …

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