Beware of cracks: watch for their evolution!


When we spot a crack on a stone wall, we always wonder if it evolves, difficult to see, here’s how to measure the evolution of a crack.
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A crack on a stone wall:
The causes of a crack on a stone wall can be multiple, repeated shocks, wear, defect … it is in all cases important to monitor its evolution.
That’s it, but how to do that, the width of a crack can vary very slowly, that’s why it is necessary to set up a witness to measure the evolution of the crack.

How to measure the evolution of a crack?
As we have just seen, only an indicator can allow us to monitor the crack, you can of course buy a plastic witness that will be fixed across the crack. I propose for a stone wall to make a piece of masonry applied to an area of ​​the crack, by inserting the date of installation (month and year). So if the cement mark also crack, you will know that the crack is growing and how fast, which will see if you need to act quickly …

Legal Notice :
For all DIY work, remember to wear the appropriate protections.

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