Often inventions or simply improvisations are so simple and especially as effective as we would not have expected. We really wonder why we did not think about it for the first time? This is the case for the improvisation made by this German to cut wood without any effort. Brilliant!

If we want to perfect a thing or find the simplest and most effective way to make it easier to build on a constructive idea. The next step would be to put this idea into practice, and our man explains in detail the way this wood-cutting machine works.

It’s not so complicated, and the support that the harness puts together with the accessories that support it fixed and those that help to position the wood on the chainsaw chain required several days of work.

But everything is good when it ends well! The utility for which this has been accomplished accomplishes its purpose. For the cut wood to be easily transported from one place to another, the man in the picture thought that the ideal position of this improvisation could be anywhere but a rope. Simple and clever!

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