After seven years of deafness, a girl hears her voice for the first time


The seven-year-old British child, Lea Armitage, lived in complete silence for the first two years of her life, but thanks to brain surgery and subsequent years of treatment, she finally found her voice and heard what was happening around her. Finally she managed to tell her parents “I love you”.

Lia’s father Bob sqid “told us that she suffered so much that even if a bomb went off next to her, she would not hear it,” said , recalling how he discovered that his newborn daughter had a rare form of deep deafness.

Since her birth, Lia has had no internal ear or auditory nerve, which means that she can not be treated with cochlear implants or using standard hearing aid.

As a result, she was not expected to speak a word throughout her life, but despite the risks, her parents struggled to become their first child in Britain to receive stem cell transplantation, requiring complex brain surgery when she was just two years old.

The General Health Service in England describes the surgery as “really life changing” and said it would fund other operations for more deaf children in a similar situation.

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