A simple explanation of fire suppression systems


We often wonder how calculations for clean gas systems, how to know the size of the cylinder needed for a particular location or space, let us today recognize these systems in terms of art.

Clean, certified fire protection systems have the ability to provide complex fire suppression systems at sites of special risk.

Special risk suppression systems
Designed for special machine or special risk systems, to minimize downtime and clean up. In many cases, these systems are designed in areas or processes where water is not available or the equipment reacts with water or causes damage to the machines, prolonging the cleaning time and stopping time after the control process.

Typical applications for clean fire suppression systems
1- Computer rooms.
2. Microwave stations.
3 – ISP sites.
4. Dust collection sites.
5- Electricity cabinets.
6. ATMs.
7. Off-road vehicles.
8. Mining tools.
9. Telecommunication facilities.

10 – Flight of aircraft.
11. Hydroelectric dams.
12. Turbines.
13- Electricity transformers.
14. Oil chambers
15. cooling towers.
16. Museums.
17. Electric rooms.
18. Cable / tunnel openings.
19. Power plants.
20. Theaters.
21. Universities.
22. Nuclear power plants.
23- CNC / milling machines.
24. Commercial kitchens.
25. Clean rooms.
26- Printing presses.
27. Flammable fluid storage chambers.
Chemical laboratories.
29. Motor control centers.

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