A new innovation for smart curtains generates solar energy and saves 70% of electricity consumption at home


An inventor named Evgen Erik was able to offer a unique invention of solar panel curtains that do the same work as roof panels and is the most efficient solution for those who cannot or cannot install solar panels on the roof. The idea came as an eco-friendly idea as well as working to make people more environmentally friendly, reduce electricity consumption and reduce gas or oil consumption and generate electricity using new technology.- 70% of electricity consumption is available at home- These curtains feature thin solar panels mounted on strips that generate up to 15 watts per square foot,- It is enough energy extracted from a medium-sized window to charge a laptop. The blinds are installed on the windows and have a motor that directs them to be facing the sun,- Smart blinds with an average size of two or three feet generate between 40 to 60watt – the maximum power used by most laptops.- Excess energy can be stored either in a battery for later use or sold as green energy Smart curtains are also equipped with an application that allows users to control voice and can also save energy bills by connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It can also provide weather forecasts to cool or warm homes more efficiently. A person who sells 10 square feet of electronic blinds is 210 pounds ($ 270).

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