Hand-foot-and-mouth disease is a very contagious eruptive viral infection. This infection is very common in infants or babies. How is it manifested and how can it be protected?

Children most often contract hand-foot-and-mouth disease in places such as children’s playgrounds, crèches or canteens, which can really be relatively infectious. This disease is caused by the enterovirus Coxasckie A16.

Madelyn has had the unpleasant experience with her son Clark. He woke up one morning with a high fever and had red rashes with itching on the palms of his hands and feet. She immediately took him to the doctor who diagnosed him with hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Since no medication or preventive vaccine exists against the hand-foot-and-mouth disease virus, the therapy is only symptomatic.

Symptoms of foot-hand-mouth disease

Children under the age of 10 are most likely to contract this disease. Symptoms such as mild fever, red rashes and sore blisters on the buttocks, hands, feet and mouth, fatigue and some irritability in toddlers can occur. Much more rarely, teenagers and occasionally adults can also contract the infection.

Foot-hand-mouth infection is caused by enterovirus Coxsackie as mentioned above. This kind of virus is most often transmitted by direct contact (transmission through the stool on the hands), by droplets, coughing, blowing or talking, also by already contaminated objects such as toys, towels or door handles . But also by lack of hygiene or undercooked foods.

Fast and natural treatment of infection

It is a virus that will go away on its own and there is no medication or preventive vaccine available against the disease virus, the therapy is based solely on the treatment of symptoms and there are several small, simple remedies that it is possible to achieve at home to facilitate the healing process.

Cubes of ice cubes with water of coconut

Ice cubes can soothe and relieve wounds and blisters in the mouth that can make eating and drinking very painful. Coconut water is also full of potassium and electrolytes that work wonders to fight against dehydration!

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