A British skyscraper wins the worst architectural design award


A skyscraper in London won the Carbinkle Cup award, which is presented annually to the worst architectural design, after the reflected sunlight reflected the melting of parts of the Jaguar parked in the street.
The worst-built 37-storey building in London’s financial district, 20 Winchester Street, was dubbed Wookie Toky because of its curved shape, but after the 2013 car crash, it carried a new title, Wookie Scurchi “or burning machine, as stated.

The Carbangle Cup is organized by Business Design and is judged by a panel of architects who take into consideration comments from readers. This year’s award went to Wicki Scurche by consensus.
Among the observations of the Committee is that the building, whose upper floors appear to be larger than its base because of its unusual design, is not pleasing to the gazebo. There is also a problem with the concave southern facade, which reflected the sun’s rays intensively, causing the side mirror, Jaguar was standing down the flank.

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