Distance measurement applications for Android smartphones

Technology Invade our daily life and has become a positive use of the aspiration of all and since I am our area of ​​interest is measurement and measurement tools Let’s take a look at the world of measurement applications associated with Android phones where there are several unique applications, which most of the users agree on the quality of its results, especially if the Use with Android phones.

Here’s the selection of the best applications that architects and engineers can use:

  • TapMeasure is the fastest and smartest physical measurement method using only your phone with it you can get quick measurements from point to point It gives you the possibility to measure distances as well as sizes and 3D models easily.
  • CamToPlan is an application that will turn your Android device into a ruler and a tool for measuring areas with very excellent accuracy using augmented reality, through which you can take room sizes if you want to furnish or take planned and depends on the sensors iPhone and ARKIT feature
  • EasyMeasure is an app for Android that helps you measure what you want from afar easily and quickly. You can measure the distance between anything you see in front of you without any difficulty and you can also measure the height of any building very easily and only moments. All this is made possible thanks to the new app.
  • Measure : Among the unique applications that employ AR technology, which most of the users on the quality of the results, especially if used with Android phones, which can be used by architects and engineers. Its function is to help take measurements, lengths and heights using augmented reality technology through the smartphone camera.
  • My Measures Professional application is more than wonderful in the field of measurement and is programmed with high precision specially to make the phone camera take measurements of anything passing by the lens of photography where it shows all normal and beside the measurements such as length, width, height and other … and all you have to do Take a picture of an object or place you want to store its dimensions and then add dimensions to it.
  • A Ruler LandRead and iPhone app lets you take measurements of things just through your device’s camera! And you can accomplish distance measurement using your phone’s camera, it gives you measurements of home furniture or other things within reality.

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