5 fatal structural errors in the world’s most famous buildings


Learn about 5 fatal structural errors in the world’s most famous buildings

Jaber International Stadium
Wrongly done, the right angle of the rear terraces has increased to 90 degrees, and the length of the stairs leading to the rear terraces is also a mistake.
This problem became apparent when the huge public presence led to the terrifying terraces of Milan, which could lead to its downfall.

Pyramid of Meidum
Known as the liar pyramid because it lacks the smooth straight faces that were characterized by the pyramids of Giza, and is believed to be the first pyramid was built, and has committed many of the errors that led to the demolition of its sides. Obviously, the pyramid was built in the form of an amphitheater and then transformed into an integrated geometric pyramid.

  • New stone additions to the faces are not based on solid and strong foundations
  • The stones were labeled dry and the stones were not bonded with any adhesive.

Leaning Tower of Pisa
It is one of the most famous buildings in the world and the reason for its tendency is due to the nature of the site with heterogeneous soil, which could not lift the loads resulting from the use of heavy marble.
The building was only three floors and after the end of a 100-year war (it was enough time for the building rules to settle and show inclination) four floors were added to it despite its obvious inclination. At the end of the 14th century an eighth role was added until the inclination reached 5 degrees, and several attempts to prevent the tower from collapsing failed at first and eventually succeeded.

Sydney Opera House
Constructed to be the seat of a large opera hall and theater but after nine years of construction, with disputes with the NSW Conservative government due to high costs the engineer resigned the project supervisor. Local architects were hired to finish construction, making some of the most important changes
The most important mistakes made in this room

  • A smaller opera hall and a larger concert hall are built to accommodate more than 10,000 seats opposite the small opera theater, making the work of musicians very difficult
  • The disastrous thing is the sound dissipated as if it were in a cave.
    To the sound quality

Tower Khalifa
The highest tower in the world (height 800 m) and one of the biggest errors that faced the tower is that of the waste disposal system due to lack of sufficient capacity in the sewage system in the city to receive the large amount of waste so that the waste is transported by trucks lined daily by the tower to carry this Waste to treatment centers.

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