A one-piece house at a lower cost threatens the traditional construction era


Belgian sustainable construction company Kamp has built the largest one-piece house built with 3D printing, and Camp is proud to have the largest 3D printer in Europe and has set another record.

Printed dwellings are characterized by this technology with rapid delivery, efficiency in the use of special materials for construction and less expensive.

Although the house is currently more of a demo than a real living home, it is still large enough to have two rooms equipped with sustainable facilities, such as solar panels and underground heating.

“The pressure of materials is three times greater than the traditional construction force,” project manager Marije Arts told New Atlas.

However, the 998-square-meter two-storey house is more than just a look at what can be achieved using 3D printing in this area. The video confirms that this show can transform into a future of construction in a few years.

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