2015 4.7 Liter Zagato Maserati Mostro Limited Edition Retro Racer


Created to help celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Maserati by one of its most steadfast collaborators, the Zagato Mostro powered by Maserati.During the 2015 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, Zagato have revealed the Maserati Mostro, a limited edition retro racer paying tribute to the Maserati 450 S.

The Mostro celebrates the centenary of Maserati and one of the most iconic racing cars in the history of the Tridente: the Maserati 450 S Coupé Zagato “Monster”, designed in 1957Video shows the car starting up its naturally aspirated 4.7 liter V8 engine and revving, producing an incredible sound!

The chassis of the Mostro is made of a MonoCell of carbon fiber coupled to a mid-structure of steel tubes in order to create the cockpit.The central-front, V8 Maserati engine with dry-sump lubrication is equipped with a customizable, engine-management system.

The Mostro is powered by 4.2-liter Maserati V8 sits front-mid-engine, and the 6-speed transaxle is slung between the rear wheels for good weight distribution and resulting balance.Zagato’s own 19-inch wheels are covered with 255/40 size tires up front and 295/35s at the rear.

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